Festivals In Singrauli

Festivals are an integral part of Indian culture and are entwined in our daily life. Singrauli, lying in the heartland state of Madhya Pradesh is one city, which is influenced by many cultures. While it lies in the predominantly Hindi heartland, it was ruled in the yesteryear's by Rajput kings and other rulers from Gujarat making these influences very evident in their daily culture. Some of the festivals are common to much of India as well as Singrauli like the festivals of Diwali, Holi, Navratri etc. But there are some festivals, which are local to this region and are related to its unique topography.

Ganga Dusshera in Singrauli

Festivals in Singrauli

This festival is very unique to this region and is a celebration of river Ganges. This festival lasts ten days from the new moon from the beginning of Jyaistha Shukla and the tenth day is supposed to be the holiest. Devotees throng to take a dip in the holy ganges which would cleanse them of all sins. In Singrauli, young girls make dolls made of fabric on this occasion and then these dolls are flown down river in handmade boats. Partaking of Mahuari, a fried flatbread made of wheat flour and Mahua juice is considered auspicious. This festival is an indication of our culture, which celebrates our natural resources considering them divine with rivers being one of them.

Prabodhi Ekadashi in Singrauli

This festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Karthik on Prabodhi Ekadashi which is supposed to be the day Lord Vishnu wakes up from this celestial sleep. It also signifies the start of auspicious season for hindu weddings. On this day, Tulsi Vivah is celebrated which is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi plant with Lord Vishnu. Devotees maintain a strict fast on this day and eat food made of sugarcane and sweet potato. Apart from this, Singrauli also celebrates the ten-day extravaganza of Dusshera with great fanfare. Pandals are erected all around the city and people indulge in good food and Pandal hopping throughout the ten days. Singrauli being a multicultural place with great mix of people from around the country, truly personifies the great Indian cultural diversity.

Vishwakarma Puja in Singrauli

Popular festivals in Singrauli
Singrauli being an industrial town, a lot of emphasis is placed in industrial growth and factories. Factories and equipment are as much a part of daily life as any other. It is because of this that there is one festival, which is very unique to this region, which is the Vishwakarma puja. Vishwakarma is an Indian God who is also known as the divine architect. Lord Vishwakarma is known as the creator of many celestial weapons and also known as the divine carpenter.

The Sthapatya veda dealing with the science of mechanics and architecture is attributed to him. This festival is celebrated on September 17, mainly in the industries and factories. People pray for the divine lords blessings for smooth functioning of their machines and equipment. Whole Singrauli town wears a festive look as the city is a major industrial hub in the state of Madhya Pradesh. From staffs members to higher echelons of the management takes part in the auspicious Vishwakarma Puja and prays for the peace and prosperity of their industrial units.

Diwali in Singrauli

Diwali, the festivals of lights is celebrated with much fanfare here in Singrauli. This festivals involves lighting of small earthen lamps which symbolizes victory of good over evil. There is much fanfare with bursting crackers and wearing new clothes and eating Indian sweets and sharing the sweets among family and neighbors. In Singrauli, on Diwali, natives visit the Mada Hanuman temple or the Audi Hanuman Temple to visit the Annual Fair held here. People also perform the Mundan ceremony of their kids here. Also in Singrauli, women indulge in making kaajal (eye liner) at home and this is then applied to the feet of all members of the household to ward off the evil eye. Also one intriguing custom on Diwali in Singrauli is the custom of eating of yam which is believed to bring good fortune in the next birth.

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