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Cuisines of Singrauli

Singrauli, originally came under the princely state of Rewa of the Baghelkhand agency which ruled the region till 1947. It belongs to the forest belt of Central India with rich mineral resources and natural wealth. The onset of mining industry has led to rapid industrialization and modern influences have creeped into the daily lifestyle of the inhabitants. Singrauli is lined with acres of beautiful Sal trees and spectacular views of the Kaimour range which is home for much of the tribal population even today.

Traditional Cuisines of Singrauli

Belonging to a region, which has remained nestled amidst the jungles and away from outside influence for long, Singrauli still retains much of the traditional fare. The food is predominantly vegetarian and traditional equipment like mortar and pestle to grind spices are still used here. Seasonal vegetables make its way into the cuisine in various forms and pickles and preserves are a regular fare even today.

Food in Singrauli

The daily food of locals here would more or less be similar to the rest of North India comprising of Roti (flatbread), dal (spicy lentil soup), and curried vegetables. There is also toddy made of dried Mahua flowers which is very popular local alcoholic drink.

Culinary Influences

Though Singrauli belonged to one of the largest states in the pre-independence era, it was sparsely populated due to harsh weather and inhospitable terrain. This made agriculture very difficult and due to rocky, barren and uncultivated land. Due to this, the locals here have come up with ingenious ways of making use of every type of fruits, vegetables and trees in the region. The bamboo, which grows in the wild, is used in the local cuisine and are pickled, or boiled and roasted to eat as a snack. Since the Baghel Rajput ruled the region, there is a predominant Gujrati and Rajasthani influence in the food here. The prominent sweet and salty flavor is present in the cuisine here.

Sweets of Singrauli

LapsiApart from savory food, Singrauli is famous for its sweets which occupies special place during every occasion.There is abundant availability of the intoxicating Mahua tree, the flowers of which are used as natural sweeteners . Rass kheer, a milk pudding sweetened with mahua flowers is a very popular sweet dish. Apart from this lapsi- a sweetened porridge of broken wheat is the most savored sweet dish of the region. Other like Kalakand, Gulab Jamun are other famous items for which Singrauli is known.

Use of Agricultural Produce in the Cuisine

Being a region dominated by red and black soil, pusles and coarse grains are the prominent crop of the region. Jowar or Sorghum and Maize, wheat, rice, chickpea, sugarcane are the important food crops of the region. Chickpea, jowar flours and some herbs are used in making Chausela, the traditional flat bread of the region. The other most important part of the daily cuisine is the green leafy vegetables. Red spinach is very popular here and oft used in traditional preparations. Non-vegetarian cuisine in the region is mostly known for lamb preparations. Baghelkhandi gosht, bakra badi etc are the most famous dishes of the region.

Street Foods in Singrauli

Cuisines of Singrauli

Street foods are the best way to satiate your hunger in Saaingrauli. From mouth watering Gulab Jamun to masala mix chaat, dahi balle, panipuri all dominate the road side stalls of Singrauli. Famous Samosas or Patties are another good option to try.For non-vegetarian it is wise to try delicious Egg and Chicken roll or mixed chowmin prepared natural ingredients. Masala dosa is yet another good option. Apart from it many other South Indian cuisines like Idli, Sambhar, Uttpam are highly liked by the people of Singrauli.

Fast Food Culture in Singrauli

As with the rest of India, the influx of modern lifestyles and better facilities has brought in the fast food culture here also. Since Singrauli is dotted with industrial units, which are run as self-contained units, most of them have in-house facilities for food and entertainment. Hence it is seen that there are very few outlets, which serve fast, convenience food outside of these outlets. The Indian Coffee House in NTPC colony at Shaktinagar is an example, which is frequented both by the employees and locals alike. The Gol market is one of the major shopping areas where street food like chaat, bada etc can be savored in the midst of a truly Indian bazaar experience.

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