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Administration in Singrauli

Singrauli the 50th district of Madhya Pradesh came into existence on 24th May 2008, with its headquarters at Waidhan. The district comprising of three tehsils namely Singrauli, Deosar and Chitrangi is an evergrowing district of the region. The population of Singrauli district is about 11 lakhs while that of Singrauli town is about 2 lakhs.Waidhan is the centre of Singrauli and has all the major government offices and other utilities.

Singrauli Nagar Nigam

Administration of SingrauliIn 1975, Singrauli Area Development Authority (SADA) was established. In 1995, SADA was dissovled and Singrauli Nagar Nigam came into existence. The functioning of Singrauli Municipal Corporation is governed by the M.P. Municipalities Act of 1956. The municipal corporation covers an area of 280 comprising of about 65 villages. Singrauli Nagar Nigam deals with range of functions related to public services. The major functions are constructing and maintenance of infrastructure, disposal of solid waste, registration of births and deaths, urban development programs, urban planning, town planning etc. At present the municipal corporation is divided into 3 zones
  • Waidhan zone
  • Morwa zone
  • Nav Jivan Vihar zone

Creation of a new zone, the Hirwa Singraulia zone has been proposed for ease of administration. Each zone is headed by a divisional head. The Nagar Nigam has grandiose plans of urban development in the region with proposed development of New Singrauli township along Waidhan- Sidhi Road. Apart from this there are also plans to improve the existing roads of over 294km, construct a by pass road to form Shaktinagar to Kachan bridge etc. The city of Singrauli has 45 election wards called Municipal Election wards.The Municipal corporation of Singrauli is headed by the Mayor.

Mayor, Singrauli Municipal Corporation
Tel: (Off) : +91 (0) 7805 233152
(Fax) : +91 (0) 7805 234412
(Mob): 8435640821

District Collector, Singrauli

The District collector of Singrauli is responsible for administration of the district. The additional district magistrate assists the collector in the governance of the region.


Collector & DM, Singrauli
Phone: 07805 (234540)/ 07805(244110)

Addl. District Magistrate
Phone: 07805 (234613)

SDM, Singrauli
Phone: 07805 (233225)

District Informatics officer
Phone: 07805 (233306)

Police Department in Singrauli

Police Commissioner Singrauli Police force is headed by SP, Shri Mithlesh K.Shukla. Singrauli police extends its jurisdiction over 9 police stations in Bargawan, Chitrangi, Garhwa, Jiyawan, Manda, Morwa, Sarai, Vindhyanagar and Wiadhan. Along with this there are also 7 outposts.

Supdt. of Police, Singrauli
Phone: 07805 (234601)

Public Representatives from Singrauli

Shri Govind Prasad Mishra
Member of Parliament, Sidhi
Phone: 07802(272111)
Mobile: +919425012311

Shri Rajendra Shukla
In-Charge Minister, Rewa
Phone: 07662(242355)
Mobile: +919425185650

Shri Ram Lallu Vaishya
MLA, Singrauli
Phone: 07805(267384)

Shri Ram Charitra
MLA, Deosar
Phone: +919425179070
Mobile: +919425035600

Shri Jagannath Singh
MLA, Chitrangi
Phone: 07806(283330)/ 07822(251468)

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    Puneet Gupta from Singrauli 945 Days ago

    It's very badly and irresponsible administration in singrauli.when I going there to do work doesn't solution my problem.

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    Puneet Gupta from Singrauli 955 Days ago

    It's very badly and irresponsible administration in singrauli.when I going there to do work doesn't solution my problem.

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